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Hey guys how's it been hope everyone is doing well :) so me and morb (travelbysheep) have released our 2nd major album called Strange Rooms


Available here

Also I have a website now where I will post exclusive contents wips and some other shit idk... (I'm new to this website thing) If anyone is curious please visit my site im hosting an art competition where the prices are codes for the Strange Rooms Album. if you want to join please check out my website for the rules and whatnot

Note: if you do decided to join and have a newgrounds account you can upload your art here and just show me the link by private message or commenting here on this post

Strange Rooms Art Competition


Halloween Video

2016-11-01 09:34:39 by steampianist

Hey guys so me and morb (TravelBySheep), with help from the talented .nova, made a new song for halloween Check it out if you like 



2016-04-16 10:29:07 by steampianist

I got interviewed by @The-Great-One check out link below


thank you for interviewing me 

Happy Holidays + New Bandcamp single

2015-12-26 07:24:54 by steampianist

First off merry christmas guys and thank you for following me here 

id like to take this moment again to apologize for lack of uploads and lack of activity here and i cannot promise anything if ill upload something new anytime soon thats not vocaloid related. (I think i got in too deep... HELP)

Anyway i also like to thank @ZipZipper and @Azhthar for composing these awesome tracks for me that i also share with Azthar and ZipZipper haha anyway check it out

For me and Azthar by ZipZipper

The Overwoked Elf

For me and ZipZipper by Azthar

Tick Tack

and of course i happen to have made something for them its a parody of a traditional christmas song..... yeah i feel like the one of the wise men who gave the crappiest gift to jesus hehehe..... yeah... hope anyway this is for you guys ZipZipper and Azthar :P

Hectic Bells

(Wow four downloads already must be geometry dash players)

Oh and also me and @TravelBySheep have new Vocaloid Single in Bandcamp check it out if you like. well thats it for me, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Newgrounds. (Now ill go puke out the eggnog i just drank along with other things...... how the hell can you guys drink that stuff)


Hatsune Miku Expo 2015

2015-09-26 22:06:35 by steampianist

I apologized for the lack of music here and i missed the NGADM but i say good luck to all the contenders and try not to bleed too much


I just composed something for the very popular japanese virtual diva of our day and age. hatsune miku

and joined a contest with a group called Project OverDoze with a syringe as our sigil why? cos half of the members in this group has done heroin or something similar. :D

anyway i composed a song with Tsutauseries called Synthetic Girl which i assume is about hatsune miku. yes its a song sung by miku about miku. its like metal bands singing about metal so in this sense metal singers and miku isnt so different after all.

so what im saying here please take time to listen to our song its very different for what im known for but at the same time im very proud of it. probably because its my first swing at something "pop" ive been broadening my horizons but ill one day "run away to the circus eventually"




composed by me with lyrics and tuning by TSutauseries art by Starapture



Happy Robot Day Guys

2015-07-11 09:00:18 by steampianist

I did a little loop for robot day unfortunately thats all i can come up ive been busy with stuff mostly IRL business

Anyway Check out this awesome chipspeech voice synthesizer (Specifically Mozer)

Never got the chance to...

2015-01-18 10:17:16 by steampianist

Hey guys well firstly thank you to everyone who follows me here on NG I really appreciate your support and interest in my works... even though i havent been uploading anything for quite some time that isnt a vocaloid song... and uploading music here in general

well you see the reason for my inactivity here is because ive gained quite a number of following in my youtube channel im at 2k something and still growing and yes its cos of vocaloid stuff and slowly im getting a bit of recognition and im really glad cos its about fucking time :P... kidding (not really). Also im currently making a free album and believe me i want it done ASAP. so yeah....

Anyway i never got the chance to thank a few people here in NG starting with @digsbot cos really he was the one who got my works out in his works and got me noticed and im really grateful for this guy. CHECK OUT HIS WORKS YOU WONT REGRET IT

and of course there is @Step and @Echo who randomly (thats what i think) invite people to NGADM and I coincidentally got one and decided to join and i never regretted that decision cos thats where i got really noticed :D. Anyway you people should really try joining this year (if there is one)

We also have @Bspendlove for the giving me that wonderful kontakt library called Cinematic Rhythms and Section B. which i still used to this day. 

and  @ZipZipper whenever i listen to his work i always feel like stepping it up a notch. I SWEAR IM GOING TO MAKE BETTER CIRCUS MUSIC THAN YOU.... im kidding man you know i love you ;)

and Lastly.. @TravelBySheep without you id probably still be unnoticed in the vocaloid scene so thanks man. I owe you lunch

and yeah thats the few people. so... again thank you for everything.. yeah ill just end it here... i know im bad at this.

Scored an animation and Harmony of heroes release!

2014-10-08 07:22:19 by steampianist

I scored for TravelBySheep's first animation she wanted it to be purely instrumental. to be honest this is also my first time scoring and trying to sync it with the animation as oppose to just making music with a specified duration

check it out and vote



also its a little late for me to say but harmony of heroes has been released on oct. 4 and i just finished downloading all 101 tracks and everything sounds awesome

check out the album here. you can now download and listen to individuals track            

oh and i did 4 arrangements

Magical Girls' Live Stream (Ashley's Theme Warrioware Inc.)

A Twisted Carousel (Underground Theme Supermario Land)

Mechanical Steed (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Flower Blooms Pseudo-Euphoria (Pikmin)

NGADM Results

2014-08-25 23:57:11 by steampianist

Well me and zipzipper made it through round 1. i would just like to say congrats to everyone who are in the round 1. according to some people NGADM is one hell of a difficult contest and the fact that you are in the first round is already a quite a feat.. or so they say.. ;)

regardless whats important is that you do not quit and keep composing music. basically keep doing what you love. given love exists on what you do of course.

a shout out to Group A! check them out guys

And a few tracks i loved :D Dance of the Poltergeist, Argentinean Memories, Ira De Deus Mechanicus,        The Abyss, NGADM Round 1 and Tree of Life   

you can listen to a playlist here and if you are curious about scores check it out here                                                                                          

Its finally done my first vocaloid EP is and it is available for purchase at... BANDCAMP "it includes a digital booklet" made by morbid-morsel an amazing artist and lyricist and im sharing profits with... her......80-20 (80 for her and 10 for me... the other 10 goes to charrrrrrrrrrrrrity) im joking hehe... why would i give to charity?? im not insane you know 

joking aside... you can purchase the album here for the affordable price of 3$.                                                 

you can watch a looped crossfade here animated by morbid-morsel