Absurd Stories For The Rationally Insane (vocaloid songs)

2013-07-31 13:08:47 by steampianist

Download all tracks of mechanical aesthetics I HERE

Besides Instrumental Steampunk Music Ive been making original vocaloid songs with Oliver and Gumi (english)
though it would be more of oliver. due to the lyricist prefers to write songs for him

anyways here is the 2nd song we were able to put out
called the Logical Pink Gizmo and The Gingerbread Man our first song is
Twaddles of a Flue Faker with oliver and is here in NG

it deals with subject of starvation and the harmful psychological effects (in a very absurd way)
the song is just oliver eating all manner of things which "his logical pink gizmo", which gumi represents,
tricks him to perceive walking candies specifically a gingerbread man and so now he gives chase and eats
and claiming that he will feel better or "sane" after eating the so-called gingerbread man

anyways here is the simple yet subliminal PV (the pv is loosely connected to the song) please listen and enjoy
PV and Art by morbid-morsel http://morbid-morsel.deviantart.com/

Absurd Stories For The Rationally Insane (vocaloid songs)


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