NGADM Round 3, Harmony of Heroes and Anime/Vocaloid Songs.......

2013-08-31 05:04:46 by steampianist

Thank you everyone for listening to my track its even in the Popular section of the audio portal!

Well round 2 is done and im stoked that im still in the game!
well no matter what people say luck still played its part cos if TheBenjerman was able to maximize his time maybe just maybe the result would've different (just a possibility)

TheBenjerman's Round 2 submission

round 2 was packed with cinematic! tracks! and most of them seem to follow a certain formula....
anyways theres one orchestral track that stood out its by headphoamz
and the track is called Cthulu Surfaces

other awesome tracks that i enjoyed and downloaded
When a Good Man goes to War by HalcyonicFalconX
Juste Une Blague by ZipZipper
A Long Way Home by etherealwinds and BlazingDragon
Tir Na Nog by ChronoNomad and etherealwinds
I Feel By InvisibleObserver

now in other news i will be making some smash bros. remix and submitting to a project called Harmony of Heroes (much thanks to Step for recommending me).
Im really excited about this and i cant wait for the list to come out hope i can get some Legend of Zelda OST or some Earthbound/Mother OST! check out the trailer

i have a problem... ive been listening to a lot of vocaloid songs lately and some anime ost and i fear this may influence my round 3.

i cant stop listening...
Love Logic
Tokio Funka
Strawberry Panic Opening 2
Ringo Mogire Beam
Filament from Mirai Nikki
Umineko No Naku koro ni Opening


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2013-08-31 12:14:55

Your entry was almost perfect. I liked everything about it except that i think the reverb was a bit too much on some of the tracks. I'm not such a fan of vocaloid. I think your own songs are better than much of your examples (though most of the examples don't actually use vocaloid), so I hope you still use live singers instead of actual vocaloid, and you'll only take the best from the examples you gave, and make something that's still very much you. Still I think it's nice you try something new and I shouldn't try to hold you back. Good luck with this round again. Btw you know the main theme of Paprika (Byakkoya no Musume and Nigeru Mono) by Susumu Hirasawa also uses vocaloid. It's quite good I think. I heard it was the first time vocaloid was used in a feature film.


2013-08-31 13:15:25

...I wanted Zelda music and an Earthbound song too...

steampianist responds:

well i want more of earthbound i just saw the list today and none of my favorite earthbound was available. even the legend of zelda didnt have much of my favorite


2013-08-31 15:55:28

Whoo! Thanks for the mention! :D I enjoyed your track a lot too! :D

Also, I'm on the Harmony of Heroes project too! ^_^

steampianist responds:

Awesome! looking forward to hear your remixes!


2013-08-31 21:55:32

Oh wait I confused you with someone else. I thought you were etherealwinds although I don't know why. I was doing multiple things at once an I've discovered a lot of people I didn't know of during this contest. Sorry about that. Either way I liked your song as well, but forget what I said about the reverb and the live vocalists. Good luck with the next round and all of your other projects.

steampianist responds:

LOLZ no wonder. i got confused when you said i should keep using real singers cos i never used any real singers before at first i thought maybe you've mistaken one of my vocaloid tracks to have real singers haha and yes i have heard Byakkoya no Musume and Nigeru Mono. the vocaloid use was lola in the intro.


2013-08-31 22:42:29

Huge congrats on having the highest-rated song in Round 2 of the NGADM with an impressive score of 9.20! You can bet I'll be paying close attention to your continued journey in this contest. I was also not expecting to find such a cool shout-out for my own song. Thank you so much.

I also see that we've both been invited to participate in Harmony of Heroes! How cool is that? Our tastes clearly run parallel since I also requested The Legend of Zelda or Earthbound/Mother. Here's hoping that we both get to remix one of our favorite tracks! :)

steampianist responds:

thanks man and no problem i like your track.

i have a feeling most of the participants of NGADM is part of harmony of heroes :D
yeah i really really hope we get what we want.
btw the list just came out and ive already chosen my 3 hehe


2013-09-12 22:05:03

You beat us all, your music is god-made

steampianist responds:

ahh... you sir.. flatter me :P.... though i dont think i can beat everyone


2013-09-14 15:38:21

WHAT WHAT! I'm also doing Harmony of Heroes - and I get to remix one of my favorite tracks! So stoked! Thanks for the mention up here, makes me all warm and fuzzy. :)

steampianist responds:

Awesome! looking forward to your remix and youre welcome


2013-09-18 12:37:19

you're excellent! continues well with your musics! ;) greetings!

steampianist responds:

ahh that i shalls.. that i shalls.. and thank you very much