Bossa Nova Band and Round 4

2013-09-19 06:00:21 by steampianist

well i made it in round 4 and i somewhat got lucky again cos time wasn't kind on ForgottenDawn
seriously if i was an rpg character my stats would be like this
Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 5
Luck: 999999999999999999999
(i gotta lay off those lucky charms cereal)

although the scores the judges gave me says that i didnt win on pure luck. so maybe i should cut me some slack :)
so now im up against InvisibleObserver check out his tracks if you like IDM, Downtempo and Glitch
so thats it... oh and i have a special track for a certain match up if ever.. and for favorite tracks well most of the tracks in this round are great so just check this LIST out but i gotta say I really enjoyed Soundchris' Public Enemy No.1

oh and check out our bossa nova trio i play percussions here sorry for the quality we didnt record track by track and only used a really old pc mic but for some reason it captures 80hz of bass just fine
Bossa Nova Trio

and check out our violinists/cellist/guitarist's soundcloud page you can also collaborate with him :)
Metal and other genres

some bossa tracks where i played keyboards (solo recording with guitar tracks from mark)
O morro nao tem vez

so yeah.. btw Baroque anyone?
and thank you everyone for listening to my round 3 submission and im so happy its in the popular section
thank you thank you


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2013-09-19 14:08:49

Nice bossa nova action :D Good luck to you for the next round and i am glad you liked Public enemy!

steampianist responds:

hey thanks man np public enemy had that nice old school jazz vibe which i really like


2013-09-19 15:40:00

Wow, Steam, you've blitzed through this thing like there's no tomorrow. You've delivered a unique, chaotic vibe every time. I'm rooting for you on this one.
I don't think I need to say good luck (you're kinda maxed out at the moment).
I really do hope, however, that the scores for this round are in your favour. I'm addicted to your style of sound at the moment and I'm looking forward to your next release. :D
- Potent

steampianist responds:

awww thanks man


2013-09-20 14:12:54

...I love counterpoint! Though I don't necessarily like Glenn Gould, for some reason.

steampianist responds:

counterpoint without rules. yes, its an awesome method of composing.

idk im addicted to the eccentric glenn gould his interpretation in bach is just so unique
i really like his modern take on bach and on top of that i love his finger tapping technique
and the way he is able to make all the voices in any fugue come alive and clear is just so magical