My New E.P. and NGADM 2014

2014-07-07 01:13:11 by steampianist

Hey Guys first off sorry for the scarcity of submission here in NG for i have been working on our first vocaloid EP with Lyrics from Morbid-Morsel or Morb for short and featuring the vocaloid Oliver and will be uploaded in Bandcamp with a price of "i have not yet decided" the EP will contain 6 tracks of pure Oliver... (every female/possibly male shotacon's fantasy....)  yeah..... the first 3 tracks are free to download here. of course these 3 tracks will be remastered in the bandcamp release removing certain elements, making sure the track isnt peaking above 0db, and fixing some pronounciation and grammar issues and tuning. Im currently working on the last and final track hopefully i can release it somewhere late June

Anyway Morbid, who has an NG account but wont tell me... has already finished the cover so im just gonna leak/share it here and yes that is the vocaloids avatar. its a pubescent cyclops.... ehehehe..... yeah dont get me wrong im not into choir boys.. morb wouldnt write for me unless i got and use oliver.... at first i thought it was money down the drain.. but then people seem to react to my works positively with oliver and even pledge they will buy an album/a single from me and that makes me happy :D


Ahhhh NGADM well honestly i was a bit reluctant to join cos last year NGADM i had a bad fever in the final round probably from staying up late.. until 5 am, which lowers your resistance btw, and then going to rehearsals in the morning for coming gigs and events..... in other words 2 weeks was just too short for me at least im not one that would cough up a track in a week unless "its a short loop".... 2 weeks its a real deathmatch..

So i thought if im going to join. im going to need to team up with someone.. and i did guess who? probably obvious... so despite what i said about being reluctant and having fever and whatnot im going to try and have fun in the NGADM this year now all we need is an audition track..

OH BTW have you guys seen the 2nd trailer of Harmony of Heroes if not then click this link to see epicness


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