Maggots In My Stomach

2014-03-10 13:39:54 by steampianist

Interesting header for a vocaloid related news post huh? anyways before that have you guys check out the A.i.M. contest? no then head over the audio forums and check out what's what.

Anyway so why maggots in my stomach well its because of this vocaloid producer called Masa and his series of songs called Onibi Series. so whats it about? well not much its just Gore, Cannibalism, Perverse Rituals, Demons, Gods, Decapitations, and (Suggested) Necrophilia. 

so who is Masa? well he is a very underrated (according to fans) composer in the vocaloid scene. (not to be mistaken for the 90 year old vocaloid producer who is also called masa) most of his works revovles on horrific and gory stories. his music ranges from rock to traditional japanese music with a hardstyle feel. he also has a unique style in tuning his vocaloids (Gumi and Miku). Masa tunes them in the manner of a traditional japanese folk singer and at times he tunes them as if they are chanting/reciting a mantra. which i find can be very unsettling

His music from the Onibi series is very jarring to the first listener and it has a very evil ritual feel probably because of those shamizen mixed with some heavy kick and those ringing bells sounds but somehow its addictive to some and unfortunately im one of the few who got hooked on Masa's Song. 

Masa is also one of the few who does his own video and artwork. personally i like the way he draws (in his latter videos) 

so here is the part where i show you guys some of his work that i personally like from his onibi series

The Fox's Wedding - ahhh though not really my favorite but this is masa's most popular song and this is the perfect example of the chant-like singing. "I want to eat you, I want to eat you, I so want to eat you."

The Spider and the Lion-like Kitsune - i hate and love this song.. this is his most graphic song. cos of this i cant eat callos (ox tripe) properly anymore and this gives me maggots in my stomach. also tongue penis                          "I understand the destined fate of cannibalism"

The Clear Demonic Mirror - yeah the art is not so good and almost funny but it when it comes to that kagome kagome part.. not so funny anymore especially when youre alone making news post at 2 am in the darl. funny at first unsettling in the long run "Demon princess, this is the request of a lifetime."

Death Misfortune and the Amanojaku - "decapitated coronation of the heavens executed by fellatio"... enough said

My Seventh Celebration - one of his more easy listening pieces and catchy too "In the end, I promise the love of a sister."

Your Heat and I Become One - my number one favorite from him its also the sequel of my seventh celebration. ahhh the sweet necophillic love between two sisters... might go see a psychiatrist 

Star Lily Dance Performance Capital - Nightmare Detox. Masa's attempt to cater for the KAWAII-DESU listeners. its not translated yet but i think this is a "what if story"

so these are some of my favorite works from masa. he has alot more songs in the onibi series.. some of them can induce headaches and maggots in your stomach but he also does rock although its not my cup of tea.

check out masa's youtube channel and check out other songs here

well hope you guys like masa. happy lent and remember to extol the gods/god or else

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2014-03-10 17:21:37

Oh man,... I watched all the videos and now I probably wont sleep for a week... That was super awesome and super creepy at the same time. I feel like my soul has been violated. Amazing artist thought.

steampianist responds:

dude you're not suppose to! :P go get some nightmare detox asap


2014-03-10 19:37:57


steampianist responds:

not sure where he sells his stuff


2014-03-11 01:33:44

Wow those are very interesting song.

steampianist responds:

and addictive i really like the sound of the shamizen btw know any good vst of one?